Where to go for a romantic dinner for two

Date night in Louisiana

New Orleans is a famous town for restaurants, but not everyone lives close enough to New Orleans to travel there for dinner when date night rolls around. Luckily there are romantic and wonderful restaurants all throughout Louisiana. Once you find that special someone (check out the Louisiana singles on our site!) try one of these gems for your next dinner date.

Maison Lacour (Baton Rouge)

This upscale French restaurant has an amazing wine selection, fantastic classic French cuisine, and a simple, romantic atmosphere. Plain white tablecloths and five star service all the way!

Bella Fresca (Shreveport)

Louisiana has some amazing seafood, but Bella Fresca is arguably the best seafood restaurant in Shreveport. This small, cozy little restaurant is tucked away, just waiting for you to discover their top notch cuisine and quiet romantic dining.

The French Press (Lafayette)

This cozy café specializes in Cajun-inspired dishes, and their affordable prices will have you cheering as much as the attentive service and delicious food. The wait times can be long on busy nights, so you would be wise to make reservations for date night. 

Image courtesy Flickr/mikerosebery